Our shop is based just outside Steventon, South Oxfordshire and stocks a full range of all of the latest pond products, koi foods, treatments, spare parts and much more.  All this coupled with our expert advice, built up from more than 25yrs in the business, will ensure you leave with exactly what you need and information on how to use it.
Full range of food in bags or tubs from a variety of manufacturers including Kockney Koi, Saki-Hikari, Evolution Aqua, and Medikoi.
Selection of pond/filter bacteria and water treatments.
Full range of treatments.
UV sterilisers with all replacement parts
Genuine Japanese koi all hand selected in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets.
A range of pumps for all sizes of pond.
Our large pond showcases our larger fish which vary in price.

All ponds are running over-rated filters with bacteria shower systems. The health of each fish is paramount.